this is a place that was created to share with the world the exceptional users and their photos that regularly contribute to the flickr group Portrait of the Doll.

the group started in the summer of 2007. with many members of flickr taking photos of their beautiful and unusual dolls (mainly asian fashion dolls) the community around these photos has begun to grow almost unexpectedly. groups like portrait of the doll are a wonderful place to see how creative the photographers can be with their dolls. sometimes it is hard to believe they are “just” toys.

the group description:

“This is a group to showcase your beautiful, interesting and sometimes strange close-up portraits. I also hope this group will inspire more people to shoot their dolls in this way because the results are often magical and intimate. We are looking for doll portraits, but with a resemblance of humanity.”

with the group nearing 200 members and 800 photos i decided there should be a place for the world to see the magic and beauty of the best of the best of these photos. expect to see regular updates to the blog with selected photos and look out in the future for even more news and features for the blog.

P.S i want to thank the members of portrait of the doll for their continuing inspiration and dedication to this form of expression.