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the composition of this photo is so unusual and it makes you wonder what she’s up to! I love it!


camera love in blythe land!


a perfect portrait. it reminds me of professional headshots.

Have a nice weekend!:Mimi Chocolat

The most incredible angle!

Will you trust in me?:svohljott

Really unusual framing. Beautiful title.

福蝶’s makeover:louos

Beautiful custom makeup.

Ebony Custom – almost done!:killert_73

A gorgeous Blythe custom and a perfect photograph. The lighting is wonderful.

seraphic sarah, originally uploaded by MeLa de Gypsie

it’s a bit late for christmas, but this photo is too hard to resist. the instant i saw it on the this is blythe forum i fell in love. it’s a very quiet and subtle portrait. i just love the framing and extra background.

hello and welcome to the new blog for the flickr group portrait of the doll. with this blog i hope to be able to bring the world of doll portraits to a wider audience.

it was through my own love of asian fashion dolls (in particular, blythe) that i came to appreciate the beauty in seeing their features so closely. i believe it brings an intimacy and insight to the viewer that they might not expect. sometimes the dolls seem to have personalities of their own and through the portraits they truly come to life.

it is for these reasons and more that i am creating this blog to share the magic that the members of the flickr group post every day.

what is this?

this is the blog for the flickr group portrait of the doll. it features photos, users and news from the group.

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May 2020